The mobile phone industry dedicated to wine

Tagdevin is a French company from Nantes which develops innovative solutions dedicated to the wine-producing industry. These solutions are based on the new technologies of the mobile telephony and the 2D bar codes.

Just flash the code sticked on the bottle thanks to a smartphone (e.g. iPhone or Blackberry) and Tagdevin connects you immediately to a mobile website where you will be able to visit, in different languages, the story of the wine, of the winemaker and its vineyard, the pictures of the fields, the vintage factsheet, a tasting guide video for beginners, meals and wines matches, and feedback from other consumers.

In short, you can enjoy a set of free international multimedia information which can be consulted anywhere (in the supermarket or with friends in a spirit of conviviality) and in the simpliest way: 1 flash, 1 click, 1 web content.

Thanks to Tagdevin, you will no longer randomly choose your wine in the supermarket, which is an easy way to be disappointed.

Thanks to Tagdevin, you will no longer drink without knowing the story of the wine and its advantages.

Demand clear and precise information about what you are about to drink.

Demand the return of real content : who is the winemaker and how does he work? Where is the vineyard located? And what is its story? How to naturally taste the wine, without any superficial speech? What is the other consumers' opinion?

With Tagdevin, your phone has never been so smart.

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