An efficient and original communication tool

You may be a winemaker, a wine merchant, a retailer, a winemaker association, an union, etc. Tagdevin offers you a modern and original communication tool adapted to your needs.

Simplicity, free access, mobility and interactivity are the master-words of Tagdevin as a media of direct communication in front office.

Moreover, Tagdevin offers you back office innovative services. Via your personalized account, you can access a precise analysis of the number of times your tag was flashed in real time and know when it was flashed and where (with a 10-feet precision). In short, there is a high-performance traceability which allows you to find out the customers’ consumption habits, and their favorite spots of purchasing.

Tagdevin enables to unit a genuine community around your own products and your know-how. Thanks to its recommendation system, it allows you to get automatically a list of email addresses of potential customers who indeed will be more receptive to your future sales and marketing campaigns: they trust in the product as it has been recommended by a friend.

If you are a wine merchant, Tagdevin allows you to bring an additional loyalty service via the broadcasting of comments and/or wine tasting videos and oenology lessons made by your care : in brief, your technical expertise brought at the customer’s house can then be rentable to his friends in a spirit of conviviality and modernity around a glass. Tagdevin becomes a genuine differentiation tool compared with the competition and a smart support of loyalty. The customer no longer goes in a cellar just to buy wine, but also to get a part of your technical expertise, which is encoded in the 2D code.

If you are a retailer, Tagdevin gives you the opportunity to communicate more efficiently on the current promotions and to ease the sales.

A mobile website in several languages

Tagdevin offers you its specialists in foreign languages and allows you to be closer to your international customers.

Le panel de langues proposé est riche et varié : Anglais, The panel of languages suggested is rich and diversified: French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian.

A multimedia and interactive content

Tagdevin offers you different media to illustrate the content of your site: texts, pictures, sounds, videos and soon augmented reality.

A telecommunication media easy to use

The bottle is your best ambassador. It is close to the customers and it transmits your image. Unfortunately, the customers who are looking for information are hardly ever convinced by the label when the bottle is alone on the shelves of the supermarkets. The back-label does not inform them very much and most of the time it looks like what competitors offer. In fact, customers have difficulties in choosing a bottle of wine.

Tagdevin offers you the possibility to make your bottles speak and to bring your image directly on the bottle in the customers’ hands.

An immediate communication

Contrary to a standard website, Tagdevin enables you to communicate to your customers in the best place and at the best time, because they decide themselves when and where they want to be informed. Tagdevin helps you to meet customers’ expectations since they can wish to flash at the retailer or in a cellar, with friends for a wine tasting etc. Moreover, Tagdevin is not intrusive: users take themselves the initiative.

A mediator for a community passionate about quality wines

Thanks to its rating system, Tagdevin enables you to have accurate feedbacks about your work from customers. Then it enables you to improve your customers’ email database. They will be more open to commercial offers.

Thanks to the comments every users can read on the website, thus a real community of exchanges begins.

Tagdevin's immediacy of reaction, as you flash and you comment, makes successful the development of such community passionate about wine.

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